URI parameter inspector

This utility extracts and decodes any query parameters or "fragment parameters" for a given URI and displays them in a list. You can enter a full URI or only the query string (start with the ? character) or only the fragment (start with the # character).

The utility operates on URIs in general (including URLs) according to RFC3986.

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There's no such thing as "fragment parameters" in the URI specification. The fragment is a single value that is not sent to the server by the client. However, it is commonly used by Javascript based web applications and other client-side technologies to pass data around.

Client-side code will typically extract the parameters from the fragment and perform further processing. It's common to follow the same pattern as normal query parameters for these parameters, like this:
Parameters in the fragment section may not follow this scheme but this utility assumes they do.

It is allowable to use a semi-colon (;) instead of an ampersand (&) to separate parameters. This utility will respect either but you should be aware that some platforms/libraries may not work with semi-colon separators without additional configuration.

It is also allowable to give the same parameter name more than once. For example, like this:
This utility will list all duplicate parameters with each of their values but be aware that this may not be handled in the same way depending on the platform/library you use to process the parameters yourself.

This utility tries to extract parameters as best it can which may mean that it works with invalid URIs that normally would not work as expected. In particular, the scheme, authority and path information (if present) is simply ignored from the input; only the query and fragment sections are considered.

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